How Kidney Damage Occurs

Why Is Kidney Health Important?

  • Your kidneys remove waste and excess fluid from your blood.
  • If your kidneys begin to show signs of damage, your chemotherapy treatment may be delayed or discontinued.
  • Having kidney damage becomes an even more critical situation if you need to be re-treated with cisplatin in the future.2

How Can Cisplatin Therapy Affect My Kidneys?4

  • Cancer treatments get rid of cancer cells but sometimes hurt non-cancer cells such as those in your kidneys.
  • Cisplatin activates complex signaling pathways in kidney cells that can lead to kidney cell injury and death.
  • Cisplatin may also damage blood vessels in the kidneys resulting in reduced blood flow to the kidneys.
  • The kidney damage that can be caused by cisplatin can increase as you receive more cisplatin treatments.2