How Ethyol May Help


  • ETHYOL is a drug that may help protect your kidneys from your cisplatin chemotherapy treatment. It helps reduce possible kidney damage caused by cisplatin given for ovarian cancer.1
  • ETHYOL enters healthy cells at a much higher level than tumor cells to protect them from the effects of cisplatin. Therefore, ETHYOL selectively protects healthy cells over tumor cells from cisplatin.3
  • ETHYOL binds to the cisplatin inside the healthy cell and prevents it from damaging the cell.2
  • ETHYOL may also promote cell repair.3

ETHYOL Has Proven Results.

ETHYOL may help keep you on track to finish your cancer treatment on time.

Significantly fewer patients pretreated with ETHYOL delayed or discontinued chemotherapy because of kidney damage.2

How Ethyol May Help

  • ETHYOL may help keep kidney damage from getting worse over time.
  • ETHYOL does not reduce the benefits of your cisplatin chemotherapy treatment.2

How ETHYOL Was Studied.

  • ETHYOL was studied in 122 female patients with stage III or IV epithelial ovarian cancer against a control group of 120 patients who did not receive ETHYOL. Both groups received cisplatin and cyclophosphamide chemotherapies.2