How ETHYOL May Help


  • ETHYOL is a drug that protects your salivary glands (organs in your body that produce spit) from your radiation therapy. It helps reduce possible damage caused by radiation therapy given for head and neck cancer.1
  • ETHYOL enters healthy cells to protect them from the effects of radiation at a much higher level than tumor cells. Therefore, ETHYOL selectively protects healthy cells over tumor cells from radiation therapy.5
  • ETHYOL may also promote cell repair.5
  • ETHYOL binds to the free radicals caused by radiation inside the healthy cell and prevents them from damaging the cell.6
    • Free radicals are a natural by-product of cellular metabolism and can also be generated by things like inflammation, illness, hazardous environmental sources like pollution, cigarette smoke and radiation. Left unchecked, they may damage the DNA as well as the structure and function of a variety of cells in the body.7

ETHYOL Has Proven Results.

  • ETHYOL significantly reduces early and long-term dry mouth in patients with head and neck cancer.
  • ETHYOL does not reduce the benefits of your radiation therapy.

Early dry mouth may be reduced6

More patients who took ETHYOL did not experience severe dry mouth even in the first three months following radiation therapy.

Ethyol may reduce early dry mouth.

Chronic dry mouth may be reduced8

More patients who took ETHYOL did not experience severe dry mouth two years following radiation therapy.

Ethyol may reduce chronic dry mouth.

Saliva production may be improved8

After one year, more patients pretreated with ETHYOL experienced significantly improved saliva production compared to those who did not receive ETHYOL.

Ethyol may improve saliva reduction.

How ETHYOL Was Studied.

  • ETHYOL was studied in 153 patients with newly diagnosed, previously untreated squamous cell head and neck cancer against a control group of 150 patients who did not receive ETHYOL.6,8
  • ETHYOL was delivered 15 to 30 minutes before radiotherapy daily as a intravenous (IV) infusion.